Employee Benefits



In 2018, Massachusetts signed into law a statute that provides paid family and medical leave (PFML) to workers. 

As an employee benefits advisor, Firmin Insurance & Benefits can help you understand the new law and how it applies to your business. 

We are helping employers understand their requirements and options.

Through our carrier partnerships we also offer a private plan that qualifies for exemption from the state plan. Contact us today to discuss whether a private plan exemption makes sense for your organization.

Group Dental, Vision, Life and Disability Plans

Employee benefits are an important part of your companies culture. A well rounded benefits plan not only attracts & retains good employees, a comprehensive benefits package will also help define your culture providing for a rewarding and energetic workplace with high moral and productivity. 

Firmin Insurance and Benefits is proud to offer Group Dental, Vision, Life and Short and Long Term Disability programs.

Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary Benefit policies are different than major medical – they are focused on you, not the doctors or hospital.. Voluntary Benefits Pay YOU cash when you or a family member has an injury or illness. Benefits help fill the gap between what health insurance pays and where your out-of-pocket expenses begin.

Plan options include: Life Insurance, Disability, Accident Indemnity Plans, Critical Illness and Cancer plans, Hospital Indemnity Plans, and Telemedicine. 

Why should my business offer Voluntary Benefits?

  • Enhance Existing Package: Voluntary Benefits are a great way to augment your existing medical and dental coverage. 
  • · No Cost to Employer: Voluntary Benefits are 100% employee funded through payroll deduction
  • · No Administration: As your voluntary benefits consultant – Firmin Insurance & Benefits conducts all employee education, enrollment and ongoing claims assistance!
  • Increased Morale & Productivity: 40% of employees say they spend 3 or more hours per week thinking about or dealing with issues related to personal finances. Since voluntary benefits put money directly into your employees’ pocket when they need it most – Employees can focus on your business and your clients when they are working- not their bills.
  • · Attract & Retain Talent: 87% of employees say strong benefits influence employee loyalty

Why should my business work with Firmin Insurance & Benefits?

As an independent consultant, we work with several carriers that offer group & voluntary benefits. This allows us to be a true voluntary benefits advisor to you and your employees. We will work with you to find the carrier that matches your business and needs. 

Firmin Insurance & Benefits conducts employee benefit education, the open enrollment process, and ongoing client service and claims assistance. 

This means there truly is no cost to your organization to offer voluntary benefits. Benefits are employee paid through payroll deduction. And all administration of the plan and benefits is handled by Firmin Insurance & Benefits.! 


Voluntary Benefits Overview (pdf)