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Enhanced Voluntary Benefits Provide Financial Protection!

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Firmin Insurance & Benefits works with the top carriers in the country. The coverage solutions listed below provide a brief overview of plans that can help if you are infected with Covid-19 as well as the general access to care and financial protection should you suffer any other  injury or illness. 

Health Insurance- A special open enrollment period has been created for those who may not have health coverage..  Contact us today to enroll or visit: to shop for and enroll directly in a medical plan. The special enrollment period closes April 25th. The Special Open Enrollment is only available to those who do not already have health coverage.

Telemedicine: Virtual care from a board certified physician. And for minor ailments such as an ear infection, eye infection, sore throat, UTIs etc...often times a prescription can be ordered right over the phone. This is useful in helping contain the spread of a virus such as the flu or Covid-19. More info is available at:

Short-Term Disability: Otherwise known as "Pay Check Protection". Short Term Disability will continue to pay an employee up to 60%  to max benefit if an employee cannot work due to their own injury or illness. Most disability policies will cover Covid-19 for an employee that becomes infected as long as the policy is in-force prior to becoming infected.  

Hospital Indemnity Plans - A hospital plan provides cash payments directly to a policyholder upon admission and for each day of a hospital stay. Some may even provide a cash benefit for a doctor's visit or for surgical procedures.

Accident and/or Cancer Coverage- Many accident and cancer polices have a wellness benefit built in and provide a cash payment directly to a policyholder for their annual checkups - a visit to your physician to test for Covid-19 may qualify for your annual wellness visit.

Many of our clients have been wondering how the enhanced voluntary benefits they have can help if they become infected with the Covid-19 virus.   

And many employers are interested to learn if there are opportunities to help provide income protection should their work force become infected.   

Others are concerned about how they obtain care for illnesses unrelated to Covid-19 symptoms. They are fearful of going to the local ER or their doctors office out of concern they may be exposed to the virus there.   

Insurance is about risk mitigation. Can you avoid the risk, manage it yourself, or can that risk be transferred to someone else, like an insurance company. Many employers are struggling with how to pay an employee if they become infected- many are doing the right thing and have announced paid sick leave. That is an example of risk management. And that is a risk that can be transferred to an insurance company!   

Firmin Insurance & Benefits works with the top enhanced voluntary carriers. The solutions listed above provide a brief over view of many solutions that can help in this situation as well as the general access to care and financial protection should an employee suffer an injury or illness. Please use the link to the right to schedule a virtual online meeting if you have questions or would like to discuss further.  

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Given the concerns around group settings and social distancing, Firmin Insurance & Benefits is able to conduct individual meetings and group enrollment discussions via virtual means using either Goto Meeting or Zoom. 

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