Firmin Insurance & Benefits

Andrew Firmin

  Firmin Insurance & Benefits was formed in 2017 with a commitment to protecting individuals and families. We represent over 30 of the most highly rated insurance companies in the country! Our carriers and their solutions are selected from the best in the industry and serve our primary markets of Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, 

Retirement Protection, Critical Illness Coverage, Disability Insurance and workplace voluntary benefits. 

Andrew Firmin resides in North Andover, Ma with his wife and two children. Mr. Firmin has nearly 20 years of financial service experience.

 Prior to starting his own insurance and benefits practice, Mr. Firmin was head of Account Management for CFRA, a global leader in Forensic Accounting Research, prior to that Mr. Firmin worked at RiskMetrics Group as an Account Manager for a portfolio investment risk assessment program. 

He started his career in insurance and financial services in 2000 with John Hancock.


 Andy enjoys spending time with his family. He enjoys fishing, hiking, mountain biking, skiing and gardening.  

Mr. Firmin is a long-time member of the National Ski Patrol and can be found volunteering for a local ski area during the winter weekends. In addition to volunteering on the ski patrol, he also volunteers as a youth soccer coach and cub scout den leader. Mr. Firmin is on the board of directors for his community’s youth center as well as the local merchant’s association. 

Andy is passionate about helping families provide protection for their loved ones and he enjoys helping each family achieve their financial goals and legacy.